Wednesday, 23 October 2013

OS BURGUESES - Moda Lisboa

Fresh and fun, making tailoring lighthearted the collection opened with a large, fruity, banana print accessorised with head wraps and blocks of turquoise. The lining of a tapered dress flashed red satin at the audience while a gentleman in low rise shorts flashed a lot more! 
The womenswear nipped in at the waist and flattered, while high necklines added a bit of class! The addition of ruffles through the body kept the collection very young and flirty.
A red fruity print was also used, making me crave Um Bungo before we saw golden PVC and ruffled bikini made an appearance before the finale, where the models held bananas to their ears. Well, why not?
The mixture between obviously crazy prints and well made designs made this collection fabulous and charming. 

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