Wednesday, 23 October 2013

DINO ALVES - Moda Lisboa

The Dino Alves collection was accompanied by insane make up, highly contoured faces with clown like splashes of colour across the entire face. 
The collection also featured these flashes of bright colour in child like pinafore separates and contrasting panels. Checked panels of fabric we're used throughout along with high tailored necklines, peplums and visible zips along the torso and across the body.  Rectangles of fabric and the harsh positioning of the fabrics made this look like a very creative school project gone awry!! 
Flowing peplums at the side of the body and behind the shoulders added elegance and structure to an otherwise facile collection. 
The use of colours, tabard like flaps and different shapes was key to this collection creating overall a very interesting, obviously skilful, if not a little confusing, show. 

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