Thursday, 11 July 2013

‘Just A Showroom’ visit

I went to hang out with Ines from ‘The Beauty and The Best’ at her showroom in Lisbon. Firstly, after a rather refreshing ‘healthy’ energy drink from ‘XS’ Ines showed me to a rather jazzy looking machine. This vintage machine shone UV light onto my face while Ines peeped through a window to check out the damage. Oh dear.  Sun damage, dry patches, greasy patches, dirt... basically another little note that I should cleanse, tone and moisturise.

I should also stop: drinking wine instead of water, sleeping in my make up and taking my make up with the beauty equivalent of bleach (fairy liquid, dried out baby wipes, soap, just water and rubbing...).
Recommended to me was the Basics range from Artistry – gentle cleansers that will slowly wash away all that crap, and a toner to tighten it all back up again. Not to mention a moisturiser with an SPF to ward off any more sun damage – the constant use of such a product is the BEST anti aging defence.

So after I was done with that little machine we moved on to another one. I’m not quite sure how it works and the shock of the answer blew away my memory of the information I inputted.
The machine told me that my body is aging 20 years fast. Yes. The machine thought I was 42, and so does my body.

It’s got to be said, I am a fox for 42!

Lots of Love

Jemima x

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