Saturday, 11 May 2013

ROKSOLANA BOGUTSKA – SPECIAL GUEST – Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland

This final show was much anticipated. The Ukrainian designer’s heritage could be seen on the opulent catwalk collection. Sheer, chiffon dresses in navy with intricate rust bohemian prints were styled with patent leather jackets and belts. Pussy bow blouses peeped from below pinafore style dresses that fell to below the knee. Patent leather with plaited piping gave way to opulent gold embellishment, bling-tastic appliqué and almost military inspired severe high collars, reminiscent of the Russian upper classes. Black velvet was used throughout this collection with other heavier fabrics that held the bold, gold embellishments. Detailed belts cinched waists of gold foil, printed dresses oozing femininity.

Outerwear was similarly luxurious, textured black fur with sandy gold fur collars were also belted at the waist contrasting with the wide shoulders. Silver-blue fur and maroon were shown in this section of the collection, interrupted but more casual dresses in similar tones, still featuring overly sparkling jewellery and detailed belts. Satin blouses and skirts began to interrupt the fur outerwear before the jackets and coats were discarded entirely and in its place we saw beautifully printed blouses, neck scarves and more androgynous tunic shirts with flared trousers. Finally light, satin dresses featuring traditional cross stitched belts and shoulder pieces as well as the traditional bohemian prints.

The collection closed with a stunning white maxi dress adorned with tiny details. The collection clearly took a lot of influence from the traditional Ukrainian costume and this was seen through prints, colours and mainly through the cross stitch like detailing in belts and accessories.

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