Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New Shoes? Kobi Levi

I think I should probably start saving up.

Kobi Levi, popular with celebs such as Lady Gaga designs some incredible, weird and totally bad ass shoes.

For example, these shoes, titled 'Blow' are ridiculously sexy.

Yup, need them in my life. 

The new Disney range seems to be what everyones getting excited about and although they look amazing I think that some of the shoes on the designers website are more impressive and a little more inventive. 

For example - Chewing Gum Heels. 

I think I can rest my case... and start saving. 

Jemima x

Oh wow.

Look who got all grown up and shaved their head?

Yup, Nick Hoult got rid of his god-awful giant slayer hair, shaved his head and, let's face it, got a bit hot.

I know there's more money in film but aside from Tom Ford's campaign he hasn't really hit the fashion scene as hard as I expected. 

OK that's all I have to say for myself today.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Natalie Bennett - Make Up Artist

Natalie Bennett is a bad-ass make up artist with a huge amount of experience working Fashion Weeks such as Paris, London, Moscow and Graduate Fashion Week too.

 While her avant garde fashion work is divine, her natural, beauty work is also beautiful.

Here's my favourite bits of her work...

Check out more of her work at:

 Email: Telephone: 07791373730
Keep up to date on latest works at:
Twitter: natalieb_MUA

Saturday, 11 May 2013

WIOLA WOŁCZYŃSKA - Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland

The styling in this collection seemed very European and followed many trends this season. The hair was wild and tamed only by wide brimmed hats. Severe two piece suits in linear grey opened the collection, the wide tailored lapels looking every part the school teacher, skirts split at the front and collars rising up the throat. A jacket featured a bubble skirt over the top with an elasticated waist. Padded jackets were worn with tailored trousers that were pleated at the hip in a very masculine style.

Gun metal sequins added a touch of feminine glamour to the collection while wide legged trousers were added to with panels of black to break up the grey. Cuffs, collars and peplums were cut into with a square design creating and interesting shape and modernising the collection further. The utility themes were clear throughout this collection. Understated flashes of orange and salmon with navy and grey tweed were worked through garments as a welcome relief from grey. Peplum tops were worn with the androgynous trousers that featured throughout while fur adorned shoulders and panels of jackets. Final pieces of this collection were beautiful maroon jackets with patent black outer pockets and a maroon pinafore dress.

ROKSOLANA BOGUTSKA – SPECIAL GUEST – Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland

This final show was much anticipated. The Ukrainian designer’s heritage could be seen on the opulent catwalk collection. Sheer, chiffon dresses in navy with intricate rust bohemian prints were styled with patent leather jackets and belts. Pussy bow blouses peeped from below pinafore style dresses that fell to below the knee. Patent leather with plaited piping gave way to opulent gold embellishment, bling-tastic appliqué and almost military inspired severe high collars, reminiscent of the Russian upper classes. Black velvet was used throughout this collection with other heavier fabrics that held the bold, gold embellishments. Detailed belts cinched waists of gold foil, printed dresses oozing femininity.

Outerwear was similarly luxurious, textured black fur with sandy gold fur collars were also belted at the waist contrasting with the wide shoulders. Silver-blue fur and maroon were shown in this section of the collection, interrupted but more casual dresses in similar tones, still featuring overly sparkling jewellery and detailed belts. Satin blouses and skirts began to interrupt the fur outerwear before the jackets and coats were discarded entirely and in its place we saw beautifully printed blouses, neck scarves and more androgynous tunic shirts with flared trousers. Finally light, satin dresses featuring traditional cross stitched belts and shoulder pieces as well as the traditional bohemian prints.

The collection closed with a stunning white maxi dress adorned with tiny details. The collection clearly took a lot of influence from the traditional Ukrainian costume and this was seen through prints, colours and mainly through the cross stitch like detailing in belts and accessories.

Grome Design - Fashion Philosophy

This versatile collection centred around a colour palette of black, white and taupe. Panelled blouses tucked into tailored cigarette pants thrown together with a blazers and bold jackets. Lapels were wide and pointed, even collars on shirts were elongated in a slightly retro style.

Panels of black and white gave way to scratchy prints, the casual fabrics contrasting with square structured sleeves. Following the casual street themes, waists were elasticated and peeped from flowing tunic shirts. Severe necklines added an element of smart work wear or uniform to this collection.

Wide flowing trouser legs were shown, fighting away from the safer cigarette style that has been incredibly popular globally in the last few seasons. Trousers also featured lapel like waist bands, some pairs were even see through and finally the last throws of this collection featured panels of sheer, nude chiffon.

Layering was key in this collection and from bold structuring, tailored jackets and just the right level of casual cool the looks were entirely wearable.

The collection ended with a white trouser suit and a huge tulle ruff like overlay.

KĘDZIOREK - FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland

Opening with a black sequinned collar this collection was mainly grey, black and brown, staying firmly in the muted colour palette that is favoured by winter collections. Cape layers and batwing sleeves widened the silhouette of this very wearable collection while fur jackets to the thigh added a little bit of glamour. Wide billowing jersey jackets were worn with bias cut, rouched tops with scooping, hung neck lines.

Cut outs in the arm have become popular in the last seasons and this collection used this feature well, combined with low set, wide sleeves. Start cotton contrasted with pleated sheer mesh and casually draped jersey and fleece. Hem lines sat conservatively on the knee, the raw edges hinting at a less conservative muse. Trousers were loose and featured a lowered crotch – another trend globally this season.

Tones moved from grey into khaki tones and cream and lace layers were used over wool. Sequins appeared in loose t-shirt dresses, patterned beautifully and styled with fur and the casually low slung trousers. The collection featured elements of ‘uniform’ themes which have been seen through many collections.

Kamila Gawonska - Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland - AW13/14

This collection was accompanied by dramatic church music. The first outfits with an air of the orient. waterfall jackets in silk with printed cross motif in scarlet and white. The cinched waists led to wide, a-line skirts - the pieces also showing interesting structural elements with high severe neck lines and large stiff hoods contrasting strongly with smooth shaped lapels and jacket tails also cut into similarly smooth, curved shapes.

Sheer panels were cut into fabric creating delicate windows to flesh whilst remaining true to strong religious themes which were epitomised in an outfit featuring a skin tight skull cap.

The collection was stark, clean and beautiful. The more wearable items included caped jackets with femininely rounded shoulders, low rise cigarette pants and drop crotch trousers.