Monday, 22 April 2013

MMC STUDIO - FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland

The MMC show finished the day at Poland fashion week and the runway was decorated with a bare tree to add to the autumnal feeling. The collection had three defined sections which allowed themes to become obvious.
The first section showed a very functional sensible set of outfits in black, white and grey. Murky colours that fitted with the discordant music. Quilted puffer jackets and padded coats with wide open hoods featured as well as sharper monochrome jackets with wide stark lapels - many pieces still playing on the trend of using exposed seams and raw edges - sport themes satisfied with low rise leather trousers and tapered hems.

The second section opened with shaggy brown fur and knee high boots featuring a more colourful palette of gold, turquoise maroon and browns. Trousers strongly used two trend based shapes- the wide legged cuffed trouser leg that has recently become more popular and then the cropped cigarette pant that has also remains a firm favourite on the catwalk.

The final section was clearly the party section. Opalescent green and black sequins covered jumpers, baggy trousers and dresses with sheer elements added throughout.
The show was closed with a cameo by the face of MMC's advertising and patron to rapturous applause.

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