Monday, 22 April 2013

MMC STUDIO - FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland

The MMC show finished the day at Poland fashion week and the runway was decorated with a bare tree to add to the autumnal feeling. The collection had three defined sections which allowed themes to become obvious.
The first section showed a very functional sensible set of outfits in black, white and grey. Murky colours that fitted with the discordant music. Quilted puffer jackets and padded coats with wide open hoods featured as well as sharper monochrome jackets with wide stark lapels - many pieces still playing on the trend of using exposed seams and raw edges - sport themes satisfied with low rise leather trousers and tapered hems.

The second section opened with shaggy brown fur and knee high boots featuring a more colourful palette of gold, turquoise maroon and browns. Trousers strongly used two trend based shapes- the wide legged cuffed trouser leg that has recently become more popular and then the cropped cigarette pant that has also remains a firm favourite on the catwalk.

The final section was clearly the party section. Opalescent green and black sequins covered jumpers, baggy trousers and dresses with sheer elements added throughout.
The show was closed with a cameo by the face of MMC's advertising and patron to rapturous applause.

Natalia Jaroszewska - Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland - AW13/14

Faux Leather panels and mixed fabrics were the most prominent themes in this collection. Grey tweed full maxi skirts sat low on the waist under pleated sheer camisoles and used effectively the trendy mullet shape in ruffled skirts.
Knotted cross over style dresses and jumpsuits were shown, the straps twisted and look decidedly summery. The use of different textures and fabrics continued with the introduction of fake leather and velvet to the collection in the later stages. Raw edges and fraying added a certain grubbiness to the otherwise quite prim collection. Hanging together well the collection was not unpleasant but the themes were lost slightly.

Agata Wojtkiewicz

Fingers dipped in liquid latex this collection showed promise from the start using urban looking graffiti style prints.
As has proved popular this season , quilted jackets hanging away from the body were worn with form fitting pencil skirts. Loose T-shirt dresses with oversized pockets were shown in a range of styles - some featuring metallic foil, others looking more functional in a utility style. The severe black looks were offset by pieces in pastel blue and pink creating a more feminine look.
Knit wear featured towards the ed of the collection - Grey jumpers slashed at the shoulders continued the edgy vibe. Final pieces feature silver metallic foil on quilted pencil skirts with flashes of neon pink also making an appearance.

Michal Szluc - Fashion Philosophy - Fashion Week Poland - AW13/14

Clearly inspired by American retro high school the collection opened with a navy varsity jacket emblazoned large "C", worn with an a-line grey skirt.
Utility style fabrics contrasted with cable knit and corduroy while panels of dog tooth print gave the collection a retro edge.
Wide shorts were worn over skin tight trousers widening the silhouette dramatically. Waist lines varied between cinched tight waist lines and low slung hipsters with elasticated gathers and draw strings.
The entire collection worn with converse trainers used the school theme effectively accessorising with thick knitted tights, flashes of neon orange and hair worn in a messy bun.

Pictures coming soon

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Monika Mronska for Norman

This menswear collection combined traditional menswear with a range of contemporary ideas. The first pin striped suit, double breasted and incredibly slick featured neon pinstripes- pulling the traditional ideals into the current times. Another example of this contrast was a tailored jacket with a wide felt hood that fitted seamlessly into the look as well as beige leather trousers and flashes of metallic glistening stripes.
Single button suits as well as double breasted jackets owned the collection in a range of fabrics and colours including an opalescent blue shiny satin and red moleskin. Elbow pads, raw edges and visible seams looked effortlessly cool with a grimy undertone contrasting strongly with the dapper tuxedos that closed the collection.