Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Style Shots - Lisbon

Yup, this is basically a cringey list of what I wore this season in Lisbon. Mainly people are going to be appalled that they told me I looked good in high street steals, 80's vintage bargains and generally crap but occasionally well styled clothes.
Day 1.

I decided that looking classy for at least the first day was a good idea. Plus this skirt hid the massive gash in my knee from falling over the week before. Of course by 3am the following morning I had fallen over again after these darling shoes got caught between the cobbles of Lisbon. (And because I had been drinking and had less control over my limbs.) 
Jacket - Sample - Pied a Terre
Skirt and Belt - Vintage, Paris
Shoes -

Day 2.

Ah yes, the day I woke up 2 hours late and did my make up in the back of a car and therefore didn't apply my black geisha lips as the original plan was. Stupid. I LOVE these flatforms with all my heart and only fell out of them once getting over-excited about a packet of crisps. 

 Shoes - Ego and Greed
Socks - Japan
Dress - Matalan
Jacket - Republic (Customised in Paris by the always awesome Blair Chivers)

Day 3.

So I took a little turn on the catwalk and it was mortifying. Fun, but probably the single most terrifying moment of my life. Plus I came out of the entrance the wrong way. Who says a model's job is easy? Not me. Anymore. 
 Jacket and Dress - V!tor
Shoes - Adidas

This day I felt like looking like a Victorian doll which would have worked far better if I had my black heels with me not a pair of trainers. Pssh. You'll also be pleased to hear that directly before this lovely photograph was taken I stuffed my face with an entire platter of Vegetarian Sushi. It looks like I may have over done it slightly. 

Dress and Jacket - Vintage, Paris
Trainers - Kurt Geiger (I left my heels at the hotel, like an idiot) and ASOS (later in the evening)

Oh and another big up to my lovely Vitor - on my last day in Lisbon I went to see my boy wearing my last seasons V!tor cat top (well, obviously it was a dress on the model...) and picked up my even cooler V!tor AW13/14 bomber jacket! 

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