Monday, 11 March 2013

Ricardo Dourado - ModaLisboa - Trust - AW2013/14

Ricardo Dourado's collection favoured neoprene as a core fabric. Printed with African inspired prints the strong oriental shapes the collection used a newly popular neoprene to great effect creating bold structure.
Opening with white laser cut outerwear, laced with rectangular holes and accessorised with garish green and blue trainers.
Draped rounded sleeves gave way to chunky panels of fur laced with satin and khaki tiger print in fur.
Traditional African inspired prints covered lapels of jackets and dresses while oriental necklines and pointed shoulders suggested eastern influences which were also channelled in the stylised embossed prints.
Contrasting wonderfully with the structure was creative draped matt silk satin creations, feminine and gorgeous but with functional utility details such as drawstrings.

Menswear used quilted panels on the knee below over sized jackets with exposed seams and chunky metal zips.

Tones of khaki were shown throughout with the occasional use of teal and berry red.

This collection bore the strong colours and structure that is signature of the designer.

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