Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Nuno Gama - ModaLisboa - Trust

Opening with models holding beautiful puppies the collection started well! Featuring double breasted jackets in muted tones of navy and brown the Numo Gama show is always easy on the eye. A traditional looking print based on red was used through shirts, patchwork jumpers and jackets. Another print that featured was of a decahedron topped with the Nuno Gama symbol.
Tweed and cable knit were shown throughout with chunky oversized scarves. This contrasted with the slick tailoring with oversized red silk bow ties and triangle printed collars. Cropped suit jackets were worn in velvet over brocade and paisley waistcoats. Outerwear featured high, fox fur collars.
The finale featured the famous Nuno Gama models, shirtless in tailored trousers taking to the runway. Mmmmm. Finally Nuno Gama came to the catwalk with a brood of puppies as well as his gorgeous, new mum dog.

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