Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Dino Alves- ModaLisboa - Trust

A class of young school children opened this collection sitting in rows in the middle of the runway reading a book. This indicated that we were likely to be seeing something about education and the alphabet prints that we're used confirmed this. Starched cotton and men's shorts and shirts buttoned to the throat added to this feeling of a school based collection - multi layered square collars and trim looked like pages of a book.
The pleats that were regularly used were also reminiscent of school skirts while caped jackets with rounded sleeves were based upon school master robes.
Colours used included maroon, sand and navy with hints of grey and black- stark white contrasted throughout the collection.

I'm not sure what Dino Alves was trying to say about education but the collection showed the theme clearly, the child props not really needed but a welcome excitement!

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