Friday, 8 March 2013

Costume National – Paris Fashion Week – AW2013/14

The minimalist walls and open spaces of Palais de Tokyo provided the perfect backdrop for the Autumn/Winter collection from Costume National. Androgynous chic stormed the catwalk in a flurry of 1990’s throwbacks, minimal suits and over worked tailoring.  The press release claimed that this collection was for real women however none of the pieces I saw would suit a fuller figure, except a cape which would cover the figure from shoulder to hip.
The colour palette revolved around black, white, midnight blue and a maroon-berry.  Tailoring was spiced up with slit arm holes, split sleeves and slashing low V necklines. Skirts were layered over trousers with shirts and jackets and the layers seemed key to the collection. White leather bodices and a structured roll neck rocked up the collection while the use of eco-fur added to texture. Leather trimmed capes and  jackets and silhouettes varied. Wide legged trousers and baggy waistlines gave way to bodices and tailored peplum shirts.
This wasn’t a visually stimulating collection for me BUT the themes were clear and the tailoring was impressive. The collection was entirely chic and consistent.

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