Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Alexandra Moura - Modalisboa - Trust

Piling hair on top of the head of models and held in place with an oriental style stuck the collection was accessorised fiercely.
Orange faux fur, black leather and nude tones set the tone for the collection as texture was played with throughout. Triangular sleeves that created a hard silhouette were seen throughout as was loose crushed velvet and a comfy looking fleece which softened this look. Colours, prints and fabrics all screamed of the 1970s. Rouching and draping softened looks as the show continued despite the use of mock croc fabrics and gold, warrior like accessories.
The collection was incredibly androgynous, baggy outerwear and wide sleeves not offering any relief for the figure however menswear seemed a little more regal with the use of velvet trousers and roll neck jumpers.

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