Thursday, 14 February 2013

Instagram : JemimaDaisy

 So I got instagram finally. My handle is, as always, @JemimaDaisy

Give me a follow baby.

Reasons to follow @Jemima Daisy on Instagram:

Shoes. Lots of 'em. Because I bloody love shoes.

Fashion Updates. I will be posting from shows and parties this season. (Mainly Parties ;))

Drunken Endevours. Plus the hangover the next day...! Who doesn't want to see me look like I've been sleeping under a unicorn in a hedge?

Hello Kitty. Come on, everything I own has a bit of Hello Kitty involved somewhere. It was inevitable.

Artistic updates. I've been drawing a lot and it's allll on instagram.

Weird day trips. To things like the Asiana wedding fair. (I don't have an Asian friend getting married, this was just free and interesting)

No Food Shots. OK, well maybe one or two but I make a point of not showing you my breakfast, lunch, dinner and anything in between. Unless it's in a fancy restaurant... I don't go to fancy restaurants much.

Plus lots more...

Surely worth a follow.

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