Wednesday, 6 February 2013

FLASH MOB : Madrid

So, my lovely Vitor is hosting a flash mob next week in Madrid! Anyone who can get their arses down there should do because it is bound to be a ridiculously fun event.

I'm personally taking bets on how long its going to take Vitor to get himself arrested!!

I looked into flights but it is ridiculously expensive to fly over for the day so I am going to have to settle with seeing the photos!

Good luck and take care (of Vitor, mainly) to all those involved!! On the 13th of February, the brand V!TOR joins the Spanish agency 3Clic for a special event and the opening of its online store. A flashmob – beginning at 12pm at the US with Concepcion Jeronima St., 22 – and a runway show in the Plaza de los Carros at 13.30pm, both taking place in the Spanish capital featuring models and local figures in a cool environment.

The purpose is not only to present V!TOR’s SS13 Reborn collection and its new fantastical universe, but also to create an interactive video using html5 developed by 3Clic, that links the user directly to V!TOR’s online shop through a single click on the desired garment.

The premiere of said video will be within a month, in an event especially dedicated to the Press and Media.

Coincidentally 3Clic is a project that the lovely Max Adam is working on which I briefly previewed when I hung out with him in Madrid earlier this year. It's a revolutionary new way to shop straight from catwalk videos - I can't wait to see the finished product!!! <3 nbsp="" p="">
Jemima Daisy x

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