Wednesday, 7 November 2012


The queue of people to get into the Vitor show was huge! Considering the small space in which this lab designer was being shown it was a feat to fit the crowds in!

The runway was laid with thick diagonal lines of white flour. A hint at the designers party habits or just a fashion parody?

The collection opens with bubblegum pink, loose hand knot draped and tied. Next comes a
Mens hoody in Greg jersey with loosely knitted sleeves. This is followed by sports basics such as polo shirts with cut out sections including hearts and sleeveless tops with neck cutouts. Grey hoodies are adorned beautifully with glittering diamanté!

The prints begin to over power the collection with a dazzling mix of fleuro colours and wacky placed images of kittens and unicorns. The jewellery accessorising the collection includes 'my little pony' toys strung on chains and the make up features pony an unicorn stickers across the brow.

The prints and the mix of acid trip and casual is fabulous. This collection 'reborn' leads on from the all black collection based around the designers 'death' in the previous season.

Knowing the designer as well as I do this collection was as gay, camp and fleuro-fabulous as expected!! I was even lucky enough to take a piece from this collection home after wearing it to the closing party and prancing around having my photo taken like a drunken mascot!

Love you Vitor!! X

Monday, 5 November 2012

Missing time...

This is a totally pointless photo of me.
I just thought I looked awesome. 

On the 23rd October I officially ended my role at as creative. As amazing as working there has been, I have been there for 4 years and waking up at 5.30am everyday has not been working out well.

I had another job lined up to start on the 30th October. This gave me a week off. In this time I intended to get drunk, clean my house and (most excitingly) take a little trip to Poland to see some shows, party and hang out with some friends before starting the new role.

This was clearly not meant to be as on arriving in reasonable time at Gatwick airport in the morning I discovered that I was a) a complete idiot and b) supposed to be at London Stansted.

After a frantic journey back to London on possibly the slowest express train in existence I realised that there was no hope for my little trip and instead resigned myself to going home after a 4 hour round trip to Gatwick. I looked up the costs of another flight and really couldn’t afford it on such short notice – sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

I did this by returning home to bed. After a completely non productive first day I decided to whack together some handmade iPhone cases to sell online. So far no takers but testing the waters!

As well as this I went through my ridiculous collection of shoes, and decided to put a load of stuff on Ebay with them.
After a Friday night that ended in £1 chips, stealing a burger order and a raucous bus journey home (apparently) I woke up primed and ready to finally dress as Hello Kitty for Halloween!
The party was hosted by Halloween lover, best friend and make up artist Natalie Bennett.
I however chose to paint my own face and considering I was still a little drunk I think this turned out surprisingly well!!

Natalie was Catwoman and did a fantastic job whipping the guests into shape while Rachel (my boyfriends laaavley cousin) was transformed into a total Vixen.
I was also pretty impressed by the effort that some other guests put into their costumes! Good show!

OK so Monday I cleaned and tidied my house and desperately failed to prepare myself for my new job. My new role is Concept Designer at Newsquest Media Sales. Basically I am supporting the sales team designing advertising campaigns and pitches for the company’s unique, insight led approach to sales. Seriously, check them out. Newsquest own over 200 newspapers and over 150 websites with a massive weekly readership of over 8 million. They are also one of the 3 key players in regional press. Nice.

So, my first day there was wonderful, it was more like a day out with an induction in the morning and a 2 hour lunch break meeting the team before starting to familiarise myself with the role and the office. We had a ‘team night out’ on the Thursday where I showed off my complete lack of coordination on the dance floor. Anyone who has seen me dance knows what a fucking disaster this is.

New Managers!
Me and Ariana

Finishing the week with another boozey lunch I was perfectly content with the new team of lovely people that I will be working with for the foreseeable future! 

The weekend consisted of fireworks and sleep. Spending most of Saturday in bed myself and the lover boy headed to his village home. The fireworks display in Eynsford is preceded by a procession through the village. A landrover pulls a trailer with a cage on it and firey torches containimg ‘guy fawkes’. This year he was played by Ben, no stranger to me as a regular pub, theatre, choir etc face. He was utterly trollied and shouting Guy Fawkes (PC) abuse at the hoards of shockingly blood thirsty kids. Seriously, who brings these kids up to scream ‘burn in hell’ at a pissed man in a cage??

The fireworks were impressive as always and I love the villagey feel, sipping mulled wine next to a roped off bonfire with friends and not being worried about pickpockets etc is always fun.


The next day we decided that a bit of James Bond was in order after hearing all the Skyfall hype.
If you haven’t seen it... don’t read on.

The opening scene graphics were gorgeous although they seemed at times a little untraditional which did not bode well for me as the previous James Bond film, ‘Quantum of Solace’ was such a odious piece of shit. As my otherhalf very nicely put it ‘A guy stealing all the water and selling it back at inflated prices is not a Bond villain. That’s just a good business plan. A Bond villain steals the moon!’.

Anyway this film was fucking excellent – the opening scenes clearly filmed in the same place as recent release ‘Taken 2’ (also a pretty good film). The plot seemed the perfect way to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Bond, with references to past storylines, a proper old school car and the full circle the plot reaches at the end. The villain is excellent – his slightly camp demeanour providing a little humour in the plot but also a bit of a daring flash in a ‘man’s man’ action film. Although, lets face it, one of the things most ridiculously straight men are scared of is being tied up by a gay man. As clearly all gay men fancy every single straight man going.... right? (This is sarcasm, obviously.) The villain also has an air of the joker about him and a few Batman references were pointed out to me afterwards.... I am not QUITE enough of a geek to realise most of them.

So that’s pretty much it. What I have been up to in the last couple of weeks.
I’m desperately trying to sell off half my belongings and top up my ever growing overdraft – apparently its not ‘free money’ afterall. Who knew? So check out my ebay account if you fancy!

Much love and more posts coming soon.

Jemima Daisy x