Wednesday, 7 November 2012


The queue of people to get into the Vitor show was huge! Considering the small space in which this lab designer was being shown it was a feat to fit the crowds in!

The runway was laid with thick diagonal lines of white flour. A hint at the designers party habits or just a fashion parody?

The collection opens with bubblegum pink, loose hand knot draped and tied. Next comes a
Mens hoody in Greg jersey with loosely knitted sleeves. This is followed by sports basics such as polo shirts with cut out sections including hearts and sleeveless tops with neck cutouts. Grey hoodies are adorned beautifully with glittering diamanté!

The prints begin to over power the collection with a dazzling mix of fleuro colours and wacky placed images of kittens and unicorns. The jewellery accessorising the collection includes 'my little pony' toys strung on chains and the make up features pony an unicorn stickers across the brow.

The prints and the mix of acid trip and casual is fabulous. This collection 'reborn' leads on from the all black collection based around the designers 'death' in the previous season.

Knowing the designer as well as I do this collection was as gay, camp and fleuro-fabulous as expected!! I was even lucky enough to take a piece from this collection home after wearing it to the closing party and prancing around having my photo taken like a drunken mascot!

Love you Vitor!! X