Friday, 12 October 2012

White Tent

White Tent is known for their urban street wear looks and this collection showcased the edge wonderfully. Opening with grey and soft pastel pink models wore low waisted basket ball shorts and very light jersey tops. A mixture of lengths used in the tops made for interesting viewing and my favourite piece was a caped jersey vest – simple but wonderfully made.

Drawstring light anoraks seemed a little out of place in such a warm country but the cocoon shaped coats were a great example of style meeting function. Moving away from the functional, sports wear the end of the collection was a delight.
Lemon yellow dresses with hibiscus like flower images laser cut into the fabric showed femininity and scalloped hems on trousers added to this. Tabard like shirts and dresses with mullet hems finished the collection with a flash of salmon pink.

This was a really enjoyable collection mixing the sport/luxury elements seamlessly. 

Jemima Daisy x


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