Friday, 19 October 2012

Ricardo Dourado

The Ricardo Dourado show was a surprise winner for me! Opening with a pumping beat and models with painted prison tattoos the collection was aggressive and gorgeous. Orange and black, loose long tunics shirts with reptile skin right arms marched through the venue. The t-shirt dresses and prison style tattoos clearly took influence from the street and the bold colours and utility fabrics highlighted this theme.

Dirty looking prints, bondage style Velcro straps and chunky utilitarian street style dominated this striking collection and comments from media all round were complimentary.

Maintaining a link to current trends the collection used organic style shapes and rounded cocoon like shoulders in oversized jumper dresses, slashed with print appendages.

Striped ponchos screamed of a columbian ghetto while casual, sheer collarless shirts were toughened up by square, androgynous jackets.

Breast plates in the bold orange
The collection brought a fresh air to the week after seeing many designers using incredible commercial themes and prints.

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