Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Nuno Gama

Always a firm favourite with the ladies, the Nuno Gama show did not disappoint. The designer, who incidentally is a total dreamboat, gathers 50 of the hottest men in fashion and parades his collection of tailored menswear and *pant pant* swimwear.

The collection opens with a vest top bearing an anchor- a nod to nautical trends which have developed again this summer. Following this luxurious theme of super yachts we also see deck shorts and funky fringed shoes. A nod to the 70's comes in the form of contrasting, bejewelled cuffs and lapels as well as overly extravagant bow ties.

The range of RTW that Nuno Gama sells in his store fit fluently into the collection in polo shirts, shorts and of course the gorgeous men's shoes.

Black and white contrast was the main feature although colour was introduced with gold, white and duck egg blue.

Oriental themes were hinted at through single knotted toggles that secured the single breasted jackets.

Next up was the swimwear.... Oiled up men with more muscles than a sea food restaurant in tiny, daring briefs in black and white which threatened to fall lower and lower with every step taken (god forbid!).

The finale featured the Numo Boys wearing tape across their mouths with a sad mouth drawn on and t-shirts with the words "Eu quero e ser feliz " which I think means 'And I want to be happy'.

The collection was clean cut and entirely appropriate for the season - the swimwear was what I was most excited about and the Nuno boys didn't disappoint.

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