Wednesday, 17 October 2012

MMC Studio

Polish guest designers MMC Studio are an established brand and their catwalk shows clear direction.

Using a mixture of sheer plastic, satin, taffeta and organza the label created organic forms and structure with quilted sections and gathers. Opening with dark tones of black and metallic grey the collection quickly brightened to white and pastel pink.

Cocoon shaped dresses and round shouldered bomber jackets with a trendy plastic sheen sat beside organza skirts, piped slightly to create structure.

A Silver grey metallic jacket featured cut out shoulders accented by chuny exposed zips and shoulder panels bore padded black sections, clearly visible. This harshness was contrasted excellently with sheer, floating trousers and skirts as well as soft, non offensive silhouettes.

A few raw edges were seen on silk a-line skirts which was either a mistake or a statement....

Distressed jeans showed the collections wearability - handy as the label are in the process of opening a showroom!

See the video's from the finales!

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