Saturday, 13 October 2012

Janis Dellarte

This presentation only featured 5 outfits so it was brief but interesting - a videophones the show telling of influences from Frida Kahlo, Janice Joplin and Cruella Devil. I personally didn't see the Cruella influence as she is a character after my own heart!
The collection opened with a topless man wearing baggy mixed fabric trousers with a dropped crotch. The outfit was styled with beaded braided hair and strips of fabric. The model was holding a bag of sorts with strange appendages and holes. The pitot clearly reflected some sort of urban jungle wasteland and this could be seen in the venue styling including rusty bikes, oil drums and other scattered objects.
The second outfit was a Siamese jumper connecting two twin, male models. They chunky knit wasn't technically interesting but the fact that it was a Siamese jumper was. Clearly the designer isn't worried about cutting off her demographic.

The Bolivian peasant chic continued with head scarves, mixed fabrics and raw trailing hems. One model was a fairly old lady.... Obviously wanting to incorporate 'real people'.
After the outfits were stood in the space the designer undressed the models and hung the pieces for the presentation.

It was certainly interesting but a bit confusing.

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