Monday, 1 October 2012

Hexa by Kuho

Set in a long Dark room lined with book cases a teas release tells us that the collection is based around the film of Jane Eyre - based of course, on the book by Charlotte Bronte. One of my favourites!

As the collection opens with a coral tailored jacket it is hard to see the 19th century influence but as the pieces continue it is clear. Rouched bustled and unexpected volume grace jackets and dresses which utilise a-line and empire line full skirts to emphasise the yester-year influences.

Rouched draped fabric almost forming pleats across the bust, arms and torso lead to smocked pants that feature similar features and balloon around the thigh like Tudor pantaloons.

The structured additions to the pieces often sit like peplums but the added panels widen the silhouette creating a more dynamic shape viewed from all angles.

Sheer inserts are a nod to modern trends including a peter pan collared dress that looks completely up to date in a stoney grey.

Bright flashes of colour in the midst of the opening section provide relief and we see turquoise, mint green, eggy yellow and bold red.

Jackets and frock coats bear double breasted rows of round, braided buttons that show a near military theme.

From the delicate stone tones of the opening pieces a new section of stormy purple-grey is shown. Smocking is seen again through the bust in near sheer mesh. Laser cut damask florals are lain across the paler grey creating an incredible look, trailing cut edges and layered bustles adding more and more shape.

The opulent rouching and smock details in this collection show clearly the themes, the use of muted tones in line with the meek, plain heroine of the inspirational story.

High waists and tight, strict garments also retain the 18/19th century ideals of women's dress although the cliche of sweeping floor length gowns is well avoided as skirts sit on or above the knee.

Hair and make up is soft and plain, the long, straight hair worn in a low ponytail with a layer of straight hair on top to add a hint of femininity.

I really loved this collection!!

Jemima Daisy x

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