Saturday, 13 October 2012

Alexandra Moura

The show opens with striking make up. The models near white paint across the top halves of their head with diamanté jewels arrange in patterns around the face in an alien modern twist on tribal face painting.

White sheer linen and broderie englais seem out of place with the modern make up.
Ruffles in blue and white act as peplums across dropped waist skirts and long line jumpers.

The collection some how seems urban juxtaposing crisp white linen with silver skateboard backpacks. Ruffles and bustles are reminiscent of 18th century womenswear.
Glitter panels are added as well as various shades of blue in checked patterns. Silhouettes are wide and square created by the ruffled fabric that features strongly.

Gold is worked through the collection and tiny appliqué bows of fabric attached for a feminine, fluffy feel.
Urban jungle themes - baggy and utilitarian with sparkling twist.

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