Friday, 28 September 2012

Issey Miyake

With the rows half empty, 45 minutes late, us lesser mortals are still asked to stand at the back of the show... Lovely!

Sannita in the 45 minute queue... 

The show opens with a gentle musical lullaby and mute navy tones. Based around the flight of birds the colours become more daring and layers of soft, striped chiffon tunics become more complex layered prints. Colours turn from muted to bright primary colours before neons make an appearance- yellow, turquoise and green with black and white.

Reverting back to the traditional pleated structure of the issey miyake label we see delicate structure created but retaining a soft silhouette.
The attempt to modernise this look comes in the high fashion neon colours and the twisted head gear.

With a nod to nautical trends loose, cropped trousers are shown and striped details complete this look.

The models begin to weave in and out of each other, closely avoiding collisions and failing to keep their smiles hidden but the intention is clear. A riot of colour like a flight of tropical birds takes over the catwalk as the models interweave.
The block neon colours overlaid with black print on white pleated chiffon hanging beautifully. Neon salmon, vibrant purple and trendy turquoise pop on the runway.

Another mature, consistent collection from Issey Miyake - not breaking any boundaries but presenting what the press and public want to see.

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