Friday, 28 September 2012

Bonjour Paris!

Sannita - Looking stylish by KiloShop

Yesterday morning I arrived in Paris (kind of) ready for fashion week. Our ticket requests went out late and I spent most of yesterday whining about wanting to stay at home. I'm such a loser.

On arriving in Paris with half a bottle of wine in my bag (don't judge me, I had to wake up at 4am) we headed to our hotel. I have had some great 2* hotel experiences but this isn't a great one. No lift, basic horrible room, toilet per floor... You get the idea. So, Hotel Nation Montmarte? Yeah, dont stay there. EVER. Oh and the windows don't lock.

We bring our own foodie sucka!

However after dumping out stuff we decided to head straight for Le Marais. We first off started with a casual wander, paid over the odds for hot chocolate and then justified this by heading to the 'KiloShop'. This huge vintage store has got the right idea. Selling items for 20/30€ per kilo.... Considering that you can buy this shit in bulk for a couple of euros they are making dollar dollar. I got a load of 'work' dresses and a ridiculous royal blue ruffled number that only me and other ridiculous beings could pull off. Next was the Free'P'Star - my favourite Parisian vintage store right by Hotel De Ville metro. The 1€ floor makes my life and I stocked up on a load of shit I probably don't need (pictures to come). Sannita got a mink hat... One without claws which I found DissapointIng!

After a jaw work out baguette it was time to sleep off the shopping and lack of sleep in our basic/shite hotel. Waking up I discovered that the wonderful Jean Luc DuPont was heading to an art/fashion collaboration opening. The launch was pretty fucking special and live screen prints were taking place. Sannita decided to graffiti/improve her house of holland tee with the slogan 'Werk' while I decided to have my wonderful derrière stamped with creative slogans and the words 'be exceptional'. Oooow yeah! The artist Blair Chivers - quite hot in a rugged kinda 'geek chic/so artistic' way - created screen prints that were displayed on fabric, mirrors and people through our the event. The collection - a collaboration with Each Other is being created at the moment and displayed next week while the designer herself is displaying her own work tomorrow. For sure we will be there!!

A few glasses of wine later myself, Sannita, Jean Luc (@systeme_d), Wade (@worldwidewade) and the boys from @SpastorWorld headed home.

First day in Paris and I have been painted, shouted at by charming gangs, bought too much vintage, and generally had a wonderful day in Paris with one of my best friends! 

Also... I will be starting a new job from the beginning of November. Fashion is still a huge part of my life and I will continue my bitchy diatribes fro shows worldwide... But it's time to take a media based career path that I have the energy to be fucking awesome at. Say hello to: Concept Designer, Newsquest Media!!!

Au revoir!
Jemima Daisy xxx

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