Sunday, 30 September 2012

Maison Rabih Kayrouz

The catwalk was made from white sand for this show and the models barefoot to accentuate the beach side feel.
Again following summer trends wide brimmed hats Loose sleeves hung in a nod to fishermen and nautical themes.
The wide Quaker like hats were modernised with straight stiff brims and a band of gold metal across the head.

Sheer inserts in cotton dresses showed just how loose the garments were and how broad the silohuette was. Hanging t-short dresses and delicate chiffon gowns were juxtaposed with clinical tailoring in stark cotton.

Waists bore shelves of frothy peplums with an over stated paper bag waist bands and draw string waists. Again a nod to the nautical themes.

Delicate pleating was shown again following a seaside theme and channelling coral formations.

Fluid chiffon evening dresses with waterfall draping fell softly and trailed hems softly still contrasting with tailored jackets and waist coats.

Colours started with black, white, navy and taupe with the occasional sunny flash of mustard yellow. Tones were generally muted and the story greys again channel frothy waves breaking. Prints were not present at all and the only pattern clear was through pleating.

The collection was accessorised with plate metal jewellery in gold to add a modern vibe while lips were painted a strong coral orange. Belts of thick metal rope sat lightly on the waist not quite cinching but holding the form.

The ocean themes were obvious and the fluid fabrics vs strong tailoring were possibly a nod to the collision of land and sea. It was a calming show, relaxing and consistent.

Images by Fashionising

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Another Wander through Paris

So I applied for tickets late and we are in Paris during all the massively oversubscribed shows.

So we had nothing to do today.

We had a wander through the area of Chemin Vert looking for a shop that clearly doesnt exist and then couldnt find the Pompedieu.

After this we decided to eat a massive carbalicious lunch with a bottle of wine.

Sannita discovered that she didnt like the wine. So I drank it all.

Now we're going to hit the gay bars and party like it's the 90's.

Come oooown.

Le Paris!

So far I've posted a shit tonne of photo's of Sannita - mainly because she wears better clothes than me and looks a lot hotter.
But to prove that I was infact in Paris and not faking it...

Owww look at me getting all street style snapped. Mainly because I was the only person there bothering to wear a bright colour...

Friday, 28 September 2012

Issey Miyake

With the rows half empty, 45 minutes late, us lesser mortals are still asked to stand at the back of the show... Lovely!

Sannita in the 45 minute queue... 

The show opens with a gentle musical lullaby and mute navy tones. Based around the flight of birds the colours become more daring and layers of soft, striped chiffon tunics become more complex layered prints. Colours turn from muted to bright primary colours before neons make an appearance- yellow, turquoise and green with black and white.

Reverting back to the traditional pleated structure of the issey miyake label we see delicate structure created but retaining a soft silhouette.
The attempt to modernise this look comes in the high fashion neon colours and the twisted head gear.

With a nod to nautical trends loose, cropped trousers are shown and striped details complete this look.

The models begin to weave in and out of each other, closely avoiding collisions and failing to keep their smiles hidden but the intention is clear. A riot of colour like a flight of tropical birds takes over the catwalk as the models interweave.
The block neon colours overlaid with black print on white pleated chiffon hanging beautifully. Neon salmon, vibrant purple and trendy turquoise pop on the runway.

Another mature, consistent collection from Issey Miyake - not breaking any boundaries but presenting what the press and public want to see.

Images from

Jemima Daisy x

Bonjour Paris!

Sannita - Looking stylish by KiloShop

Yesterday morning I arrived in Paris (kind of) ready for fashion week. Our ticket requests went out late and I spent most of yesterday whining about wanting to stay at home. I'm such a loser.

On arriving in Paris with half a bottle of wine in my bag (don't judge me, I had to wake up at 4am) we headed to our hotel. I have had some great 2* hotel experiences but this isn't a great one. No lift, basic horrible room, toilet per floor... You get the idea. So, Hotel Nation Montmarte? Yeah, dont stay there. EVER. Oh and the windows don't lock.

We bring our own foodie sucka!

However after dumping out stuff we decided to head straight for Le Marais. We first off started with a casual wander, paid over the odds for hot chocolate and then justified this by heading to the 'KiloShop'. This huge vintage store has got the right idea. Selling items for 20/30€ per kilo.... Considering that you can buy this shit in bulk for a couple of euros they are making dollar dollar. I got a load of 'work' dresses and a ridiculous royal blue ruffled number that only me and other ridiculous beings could pull off. Next was the Free'P'Star - my favourite Parisian vintage store right by Hotel De Ville metro. The 1€ floor makes my life and I stocked up on a load of shit I probably don't need (pictures to come). Sannita got a mink hat... One without claws which I found DissapointIng!

After a jaw work out baguette it was time to sleep off the shopping and lack of sleep in our basic/shite hotel. Waking up I discovered that the wonderful Jean Luc DuPont was heading to an art/fashion collaboration opening. The launch was pretty fucking special and live screen prints were taking place. Sannita decided to graffiti/improve her house of holland tee with the slogan 'Werk' while I decided to have my wonderful derrière stamped with creative slogans and the words 'be exceptional'. Oooow yeah! The artist Blair Chivers - quite hot in a rugged kinda 'geek chic/so artistic' way - created screen prints that were displayed on fabric, mirrors and people through our the event. The collection - a collaboration with Each Other is being created at the moment and displayed next week while the designer herself is displaying her own work tomorrow. For sure we will be there!!

A few glasses of wine later myself, Sannita, Jean Luc (@systeme_d), Wade (@worldwidewade) and the boys from @SpastorWorld headed home.

First day in Paris and I have been painted, shouted at by charming gangs, bought too much vintage, and generally had a wonderful day in Paris with one of my best friends! 

Also... I will be starting a new job from the beginning of November. Fashion is still a huge part of my life and I will continue my bitchy diatribes fro shows worldwide... But it's time to take a media based career path that I have the energy to be fucking awesome at. Say hello to: Concept Designer, Newsquest Media!!!

Au revoir!
Jemima Daisy xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Simon and Lauren Wedding

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Daniel Dinis - Teaser Movie

Check out the new teaser film from Daniel Dinis.
I think its gorgeous!
And a little kinky :)
The thing with Fashion Film is that many designer are creating them but few realise that it's still about the clothes not just the context.  I think both have been captured here.
Jemima Daisy x

Monday, 10 September 2012

R.I.P Monty

R.I.P Monty the Corgi

It has been announced that Her Majesty The Queen's eldest Corgi doggy Monty has died.

Although I am genuinely sad that her pup has popped his clogs.... it also is hilarious that this is top news.

R.I.P Monty

I hope heaven is as nice as the palace.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Oceanic Jewellers

At Profile this year we were displaying a range of designers including jewellers.
Oceanic Jewellers creates low cost, designer, trend and celebrity inspired jewellery.

After 3 days of tradeshow fun I was left a lovely gift after spotting Marc Jacobs inspired bow pieces at the beginning of the week.

I'm very happy with my new favourite necklace!!

Check out more online from Oceanic here:

Jemima Daisy x