Sunday, 26 August 2012

Jemima Daisy Photography for Silent Descent with Vikki Blows

Finally I have been allowed to reveal photos from the Silent Descent artwork photoshoot!

One mild day (no dramatic weather) a rather juicy glamour model arrived in a disused school to be photographed in various states of undress for the Silent Descent Mind Games album artwork.

The images follow the story of a wasted girl, ruining herself on a night out as many people do.

Many people have asked why Silent Descent chose to have a naked girl on their album artwork.... well? What the hell is wrong with a cracking pair of tits?


Album Cover Shot

These hands belong to Tom Watling: Silent Descent vocalist and my boyfriend. He was surprisingly uncomfortable with this situation. 


Photography, make up, hair and styling all by me. Not to mention all retouching, post production and album artwork design. From concept to creation - I know I'm a multi-talented little lady.

Thank you to my marvelous father who came down to help out  with ladders, tech and lighting! Also thank you to Vikki Blows who, although she was pregnant during the time of the shoot (I think... pretty sure the dates work out!),  happily got on her knees in a stinking disused mens toilet. 
And finally thank you to Silent Descent for asking me to shoot and design the artwork! 
T-Shirts are also now available! Contact the band or head down to a show to buy one! They are limited edition! 

Also designed by me...


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