Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Glossy Box Beauty

If you are a beauty blogger, or just a beauty fanatic then Glossy Box is for you! Delivering top beauty trends to you every month in the form of 5 beauty miniatures for just £10 a month.

The products come in gorgeous, pink gift packaging and the products are hand picked from a selection every month.
June 2012 Glossy Box

HD Brows Precision Tweezers
I know what you are thinking – tweezers are tweezers. However these tweezers really are very precise, slick design and small sharp points that will get under even the most stubborn hairs.
£19.95 –

BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer
This shimmery little number is a pure-mineral bronzer and although it looks great when applied right it is easy to over do! A little goes a long way! I obviously used too much and ended up with half an orange face.
£8.00 –

Glossy Box Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush
This brush made with best quality goat hair with natural tips from Asian mountain goats, is perfect for soft make up application and is a great partner for the BM Bronzer!
£15.00 –

Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Correctibve Foundation Cream Stick
These sample’s came in a great range of tones – the coverage is great, hiding bags and blemishes easily. A long lasting product that goes a very long way. (Jenni Sutton - FashionCapital - tried this out for me and she seems to be looking very fresh faced so it must be working!)
£19.00 –

Caudalie Eux Fraiches – Fleur De Vigne
This sweet yet refreshing scent with zesty tones makes for a perfect summer frangrance!
When you first spray is does smell a little too 'zesty' (think washing up liquid) but it calms down into a gentle frangrance quickly.
My favourite product was definitely the tweezers... mine have an annoying habit of disappearing and/or being utterly shit.

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