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A Little Trip to the Continent....x

My little trip!
So, this August I took a little trip across western Europe. After all my travels abroad I thought it was about time I went to visit some of the awesome friends I have met at Fashion Weeks and have a luxury inter railing trip...
I think my trip was more luxury than standard because:
a)      I didn’t stay in one fucking hostel. Do I look like I stay in hostels?
b)      I was visiting Fashion Friends Darling
c)       I did a lot of extra work and saved a lot of money (all gone now!)

So now that settled... on with the tour. (If I come across as smug its because I am)

Waking up late on the morning I caught the Eurostar made this morning totally awesome... not.
I arrived in Paris and met Jean Luc (@Systeme_D) – after a hearty breakfast we hit Versaille, my trademark beehive intact and wandered through the grounds and palace wondering why the visitors weren’t bowing to me as with my hair and stature I am clearly Marie Antoinnette reborn. No one even asked if I had any cake.

The next day (after another hearty breakfast to soak up the previous evenings wine) I hit Le Marais. Paris’s best vintage shopping quarter. I emerged significantly better off with bags full of gorgeous clothes (including a shin length A-Line leather skirt for 20euros) – this is when I wandered star struck into Adidas and found the Jeremy Scott collection on sale. 125 Euros you say? Done!
We headed to HD Diner for a highly alcoholic milkshake then to the Helmut Newton exhibition. This photographer was incredibly before his time and so many of his shots it is hard to believe were taken before the digital era. Really enlightening exhibition (also depressing.... my work will never be that good). If you are in Paris before the exhibition ends it is well worth a visit.
As we were leaving the discovery was made that the mens toilet matched my jacket perfectly. An impromptu photoshoot ensued.
My last day in Paris was a rather morbidly cultural trip to the Père Lachaise Cemetery where such ‘celebs’ as Oscar Wilde are buried. His tomb is surrounded by graffitied Perspex and the tomb itself is hideous. Shame. Jim Morrisons grave is littered with whiskey bottles and the gravestones around it are graffitited with messages to the dead legend. This seemed really, really wrong to me.
People could ignore the resting places of other humans to scrawl a message to a dead guy without a thought to the families of the surrounding people.

My train to Madrid was pretty un-interesting apart from the sullen Japanese girl who refused a glass of wine like I was a pedophile and tried to eat an entire can of peaches out of a plastic cup with out a spoon....

Arriving in Madrid I discovered that my hotel was well above its 2* standard. Clean and everything was brand new. I was expecting a little bit of single room scum but there weren’t even pubes on the sheets! (I kid... I do genuinely have standards.)

After visiting the gorgeous Royal Palace in Madrid (apparently bigger than Versaille) I made my way to Retiro Park – a huge sprawling park with an amazing parthanon inspired creation over looking a lake and a palace built on the basis of Crystal Palace – yes I went all the way to Spain to hang out in Crystal Palace. The lakes were home to rowing boats and some snappy little terrapins that kids were feeding with hotdogs. Despite being a vegetarian I was considering buying a hot dog to join in this fun. I then bumped into two awesome German girls that were on the same train as me from Paris and continued to ruin there trip with my blatant English-ness plying them with rum and partying the night away in empty clubs. We know how to do it.

I met up with the lovely Max of Fashion Freax for dinner and lunch the next day and he introduced me to gorgeous tapas and a collectively run bistro that gave me the best salad I have ever eaten.
Then on to Lisbon!  
(Where no one wakes up before midday – remember that when you are expecting to meet up with people. 11am means 2pm.)
I was staying with the wonderful Fiona Bunnett – a charming Gal originally from Durham or Newcastle.... somewhere northern who moved to Portugal where she is a model, journalist, celebrity etc. In addition to this she is fucking awesome.
My first day I got incredibly lost in Lisbon for hours, eventually ending up at the Castle Jorge where the views are really quite spectacular despite the tourists and dudes pedalling strings of beads.

Next I headed to the Guava Showroom (post to come) where I also met the wonderful Valentim Quaresma and had a look around his studio and showroom.
The evening consisted of a classy sunset drink at Silk Bar on the penthouse balcony (Oh I do say!) with Fiona and Tiago (Miranda – head of ModaLisboa International Press i.e. god, when you are at modalisboa and a tourist). Next was the Martini party who was holding a pagent for Miss Martini! This was hosted by a very famous Portuguese comedian (whose name escapes me...) didn’t understand any of his jokes but he set the lovely ladies tasks. They were excruciating ‘I hope your children/parents don’t see this on TV’ tasks including sexily pouring and serving a glass of martini (bottle neck stroking...) and tempting a man tom buy them a drink – grinding, hair swishing and lip-licking were a must for most of these tasks.

For a slightly tipsy English on-seer this was fuckkkkking brilliant!

After helping to drink the bar dry we headed home for Pizza and a girly chat on the sofa!

The next day I spent another fruitless day sunning myself and not getting a tan (seriously.) before heading out for dinner and drinks with Vitor, Marcio, Diogo and Ines at a lovely traditional restaurant called 'Buenes Aires'. This was all washed down with around a gallon of wine and sangria.

Fiona joined us and we headed to Lux.... I have distant half memories of being very drunk in this club during ModaLisboa.
Myself and Vitor let lose here on beer and classy attendees danced up a storm... then at 5.30am my body clock utterly failed and literally I could not wait to get home and go to bed!

My next evening was an impromptu dinner party at Mia's house. Mia is one half of the design duo Os Burgueses who's last collection was a sophisticated mix of urban metal and military chic.

We sucked a wine box dry and then tormented the poor frequenters of Grindr with this photo of Vitor. Still want some milk on your face?
My final evening was a trip to the beach with the lovely Ines and Diogo before heading to another dinner get together, drinks in a square and then a drum and bass club 'Ritz'.
In short, a blur of drinks, parties and lounging in the sun desperately trying to make my 'porcelain' skin slightly more terracotta.

Onwards to the Algarve!

These final days were fab!
First night there was a famous beach party, before heading to Wonderful Beach club!

My final day in the Algarve we went to Tavira island and spent the day on the beach and Fiona and Helio (Barbie and Ken!) had a pretty impressive sea food dish.
Then of course, we partied until dawn again.....

Goodbye Europe, I'll be back soon...

Thank you so much to Jean Luc and Fiona for letting me stay and to everyone else for coming out to see me, putting up with my complete lack of language skills and for generally helping me have an amazing holiday.

Much Love

Jemima Daisy x

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