Friday, 20 April 2012


Opening with a utilitarian shift dress featuring a leather collar and paired with a severe peaked cap the collection started in black but quickly developed into bright, bold colours such as red and blue with added flashes of sequins to boot. Cubic leather panels played across shift dresses before hem lines dropped and we saw fitted elastic jersey and silk satin maxi skirts split almost to the waist worn with t-shirt blouses often in leather creating a stark, effective contrast. A gorgeous piece was a tapered hem, plaid skirt – we are seeing so many of these tapered hems and it was refreshing to really love one.
Fluffy muff  (chortle) bags were slung low over shift dresses and wide, 1940’s esque skirts flowed from beneath the looser fitting t-shirt tops which was another brilliant contrast keeping the collection femininely chic yet also urban and wearable. 

Also the shoes were gorgeous. Shame on the model who took hers off AT THE BEGINNING of the catwalk.
Jemima Daisy x

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