Monday, 2 April 2012

L’Oreal Professional – Mythic Oil

Any product that can repair my hair deserves to be written about. This oil, rubbed into dry or damp hair is slowly returning my straw like ghair to its natural softness! Its fucking incredible!
My hair smells like burning plastic when I straighten it and it is a running joke that I am going to be bald long before my male friends.
Enriched with a special blend of avocado and grape seed oil, this lightweight oil cares and pampers all hair types. Nourishing even the finest hair, the formula leaves hair looking shiny, feeling nourished and supple.
 I got this free in a goodie bag, but this is worth a buy for anyone who has overdyed and ruined their hair as I have.

Jemima Daisy

PS. I hate Mondays

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  1. I am in love with Mythic Oil, it feels so velvety rather than greasy! If anyone wants to buy it I got mine from as it was cheaper there. here's the link :)