Friday, 20 April 2012

Jaroslaw Juzwin

This collection was fully created in knit which was chunky and looked like it had been created by hand by a cute old lady (the male designer was actually pretty good looking so no old granny backstage creating this sensible collection). Featuring mini slogans, alpine shapes and creatures and a range of primary and jewel colours this playful collection of men and womens wear was really enjoyable and appeared wearable. Male models worn mainly open jacket jumpers to show off the low slung drop crotch trousers and plenty of skin. Chunky knitted skirts and looped wool were worn over sheer chiffon tops to create contrast and rolled hems created structure. Some looks had an almost sporty edge with tiny mini shorts and cropped knitted tops. The collection was reminiscent of Ashish AW12 minus the sequins. Overall a great, creative collection.


Jemima Daisy

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