Friday, 30 March 2012

Lazy Update

Since Fashion Week Lisbon (ModaLisboa) I’ve been pretty pathetic at blogging, now I’m back at work and massively busy and finding stuff to put on here is taking a bit of a back seat. I keep thinking ‘I should blog this/that’ and then getting distracted. So today is the day. 

I have been doing lots of bits and bobs over the last few weeks including two guest blogs which is rather exciting! 

Tongue in cheek coverage of fashion week through the eyes of a chubby chick.

Self explanatory.

I’ve also made another awkward interview at one of Danish Wakeels catwalk shows (no, I haven’t blogged that yet either!)I’m pretty sure the only thing you can hear is me calling the guy cutting through shot a wanker. 

Standard classy shit. 

I was sent this rather lovely link as well from the first day of Moda Lisboa. I look so fresh and not hungover! I guess they liked my face more than my outfit but this image is worrying me.... Is my nose really getting bigger? This could be a disaster for my life.
I've also been bought a baloon, a box of strawberries, bananas, chocolate brownies and a card by the work experience students this week. So Happy!!

Anyway – I will be off to Lodz for FashionPhilosophy soon and getting lots of Poland content up soon!
Lots of love

Jemima Daisy x

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