Monday, 19 March 2012

Kate Moss – She’s Still Got It!

Modelling for a feature in Vogue this month Kate Moss has more than proved that she is still the star of the fashion scene.
The shoot titled ‘Checking Out’ features Moss in various luxurious designer gowns with a Marie Antoinette style array of head pieces and delicate shoes.
The one image in the shoot not featuring Kate Moss is titled ‘Ladies in Waiting’ and shows four models in Valentino gowns in an opulent bedroom. The caption reads: "Sprigged dresses in the Imperial Suite, inspired by Marie Antoinette frolicking at the bucolic Le Petit Trianon, took up to 1,2000 hours to make by hand."

As well as showing inspiration from the fashions of the 1700’s there is a clear lin k to evening wear of the 30’s and the chic sweetheart neckline of the 50’s. One black and white shot screams of ‘Breakfast at Tiffanies’.
At 38 Kate Moss still looks incredible in every single shot!!!
Photographed by Tim Walker
Styled by Grace Coddington

This is the life I should have been born into.

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