Friday, 30 March 2012

Lazy Update

Since Fashion Week Lisbon (ModaLisboa) I’ve been pretty pathetic at blogging, now I’m back at work and massively busy and finding stuff to put on here is taking a bit of a back seat. I keep thinking ‘I should blog this/that’ and then getting distracted. So today is the day. 

I have been doing lots of bits and bobs over the last few weeks including two guest blogs which is rather exciting! 

Tongue in cheek coverage of fashion week through the eyes of a chubby chick.

Self explanatory.

I’ve also made another awkward interview at one of Danish Wakeels catwalk shows (no, I haven’t blogged that yet either!)I’m pretty sure the only thing you can hear is me calling the guy cutting through shot a wanker. 

Standard classy shit. 

I was sent this rather lovely link as well from the first day of Moda Lisboa. I look so fresh and not hungover! I guess they liked my face more than my outfit but this image is worrying me.... Is my nose really getting bigger? This could be a disaster for my life.
I've also been bought a baloon, a box of strawberries, bananas, chocolate brownies and a card by the work experience students this week. So Happy!!

Anyway – I will be off to Lodz for FashionPhilosophy soon and getting lots of Poland content up soon!
Lots of love

Jemima Daisy x

Monday, 19 March 2012

Kate Moss – She’s Still Got It!

Modelling for a feature in Vogue this month Kate Moss has more than proved that she is still the star of the fashion scene.
The shoot titled ‘Checking Out’ features Moss in various luxurious designer gowns with a Marie Antoinette style array of head pieces and delicate shoes.
The one image in the shoot not featuring Kate Moss is titled ‘Ladies in Waiting’ and shows four models in Valentino gowns in an opulent bedroom. The caption reads: "Sprigged dresses in the Imperial Suite, inspired by Marie Antoinette frolicking at the bucolic Le Petit Trianon, took up to 1,2000 hours to make by hand."

As well as showing inspiration from the fashions of the 1700’s there is a clear lin k to evening wear of the 30’s and the chic sweetheart neckline of the 50’s. One black and white shot screams of ‘Breakfast at Tiffanies’.
At 38 Kate Moss still looks incredible in every single shot!!!
Photographed by Tim Walker
Styled by Grace Coddington

This is the life I should have been born into.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Mothers Day - Last Minute Gift Ideas

If your hectic lifestyle/shamless laziness/lack of budgetting skills have meant that mothers day has completely eluded you then there is still hope! (Not much though....)

Mum, If you are reading this please don't get any wild ideas. I have pre-ordered you a copy of Silent Descent's New album for your present :) 

Budget - Splashing Out a Touch
Really if you have no budget you should be chartering a helicopter to the nearest Godiva store and buying all stock...

Mini Break Ideas
Voyage Prive offers LOADS of great luxury holiday deals in cute boutique hotels and really gorgeous locations where you can expect better service and less tourists!
Current deals include Tiger visits in India, a City Break in Barcelona and a mini culture tour in Florence!

Deals are flexible and most can either be a weekend or a week - you can use their flights or book your own - it's a great way to find a quality holiday quickly!

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Godiva Chocolate is divine and a hamper is the ultimate chocolate luxury! Ranging from £74 to around £170 you can gift a fantastic range of chocolate goodies.

Another impressive foodie idea (for those buying for mothers-in-law) is a Harrods hamper. A generation that believed Harrods was the ultimate dream will appreciate a true english hamper experience such as 'The Sloane' hamper. Tea, champagne, biscuits and all wrapped up with a bow!
Alrite, it's pretencious as shit but if you want to flash your cash and remind your mother in law that you're treating her little prince like a king then this is the way to go. Brown Nose....
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Budget - Strapped for Cash

For designer deals and discounted trendy homeware look no further than Brand Alley. With a huge range of Private flash sales as well as discounted brands all year round its the perfect place to pick up a quick gift (although delivery is £4.95 as standard). Current sales include 'Home Boutique' which has discounts on brands such as Designers Guild and Jasper Conran.
The Best Bit about Brand Alley is that NO ONE HAS TO KNOW that you are being stingey!! If it's designer.... It's acceptable! Also, expensive postage means you have to make the most of it so pick up a few designer bargains for yourself too....
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A really amazing chocolate brand that I discovered a while ago is Lily O'Briens. Absolutely gorgeous, rich chocolates with lovely packaging and unique ideas from Ireland. Prices vary but are very reasonable and less generic than whizzing to Thorntons. Even if they arrive late - these are highly appreciated!

I'd like to take this moment to mention that it is my Birthday coming up and although I am avoiding all things food at the moment I will happily take these and smother myself in the chocolatey goodness before wolfing the rest down - box et al.

A nice day at the Spa for two is a really lovely way to celebrate Mother's Day and one of the best sites for getting cheeky 2-4-1 deals and finding new exciting treatments is Wahanda! Look up some of their cool deals such as Hydrotherm massages from £20 or a Mum's special spa day from £55.

If you and your mother are the 'sharing' types then you can go for a whackier treatment of 'laser hair removal' or do a gruelling, coma inducing boot camp!
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I hope this has helped those of you who are as useless as me...

Jemima Daisy

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Moda Lisboa – 10th March 2012 - Miguel Vieira

Miguel’s SS12 collection was an affluent Riviera theme and this show seemed to have jumped from the yacht straight into winter with feminine curves and draped fur as well as a splash of glitz and glamour to accompany sharp mens tailoring and fur thrown across shoulders and arms. Gold textured metallic fabric was infused into the collection retaining the fur trims that added such an element of luxury. 
Maxi dresses were split to the thigh and were tight across through the body. Mens tailoring joined the urban trends with hints of quilted jackets. Women wore glassless spectacles which gave the pencil dresses a naughty secretary feel.... James Bond and his dirty desk slut. I love it. 

Jemima Daisy

ModaLisboa / Photography: Rui Vasco 

Moda Lisboa – 10th March 2012 - Piotr Drzal

Contrasting matt fabrics, muted tones and conservative, double buttoned shirts with modern, horizontal panelling, bright, primary blue and cute, small pointed collars made this collection interesting to watch and slightly different to the ‘sporty’ collections that have been seen so much this season. The addition of metallic fabrics and cropped mens t-shirts added a modern trendy edge to the collection.

Moda Lisboa – 10th March 2012 - Maria Gambina

Showing a selection of fabulous urbanwear the collection featured leather shifts, scraggly deconstructed knitwear and bursts of primary red and blue amongst an otherwise monochrome collection. Structure was created through wrapped, stiff fabrics with added functional looking panels as well as cut out sections through the chunky structured knitwear. Plaited details were used through the front of jumper dresses and quaint, shin pad prints featured on white. Hair was styled into wonderful Mohawks to finish off the urban punk rocker look. 

Jemima Daisy

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Moda Lisboa – 10th March 2012 - Nuno Gama

A collection  to look forward to every season as designer Nuno Gama collects together the 40 hottest men in Portugal to model in his show. A circus/traveller feel was shown throughout the show with bright velvet suits mixed with jewel colours, knitwear and brooches. All the models wore clip on moustaches unless they had an ample moustache of their own and looked dapper with tartan collars, printed bowties and a riot of colours as well as more casual t-shirts and vests worn under suitjackets, slung across the shoulders. Fox fur collars added a homely touch and showed a more outdoorsy feeling in the collection.

Moda Lisboa – 10th March 2012 - Daniel Dinis

During this collection I overheard the words ‘Himalayan homeless chic’ which sums up the chunky knit and layers pretty well. We saw some more sophisticated elements in waxed denim which seems to be quite popular this season. Splattered prints, patchwork appliqué was seen throughout and an urban-sport feel was incorporated with the use of lycra in bright orange as well as hooded jackets and jumpers. 

Moda Lisboa – 10th March 2012 - Os Burgueses

With a-line skirts and wide lampshade dresses the collection enc  corporate cute girly elements with more toughened imagery such as exposed zips and metal poppers. Cape like layers on jackets and dresses has been seen alot this season and this collection also featured the trend on stylish trench coats. Military themes were seen throughout in the black, solid outerwear and through the palette of grey and red. 

Moda Lisboa – 10th March 2012 - Valentim Quaresma

The collection was a stunning selection of metal head pieces with a deadly, ancient battle theme throughout. The intricate layers of metal formed a dangerous outer skeleton. Necklaces made of thousands of paperclips scarcely covered models dignity and the entire collection went down incredibly well with all viewing it.

ModaLisboa / Photography: Rui Vasco