Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Paris Fashion Week - Moon Young Hee

The show was held at The Shangri La hotel in Paris – opulent and gauche with high arching ceilings, uniformed attendants and too much gold. The collection was stark in comparison to the setting – starting with an all black outfit with a 90’s grunge feel. Black straight legged trousers were layered under dresses, oversized blazers and topped with street urchin caps and messy hair. Padded jackets had shoulders cut out, padded and sticking out creating structure. Sleeves often were slashed to the wrist as well as beginning low and with a batwing effect. Layering was key to this collection and followed an androgynous theme. Wide legged trousers swept the floor with occasional chunky woollen prints and high shine padded jackets. Colour worked its way into the so far monochrome collection subtly starting with black and white, adding in navy satin before draped purple jersey tube dresses appeared. The evening wear, later section of the show featured over sized pussy bows, sheer chiffon shirts and layers under satin smoking jackets, belted at the waist and panelled gently in gold, sand and burnt orange. Muted green also made a trendy appearance. The wide legged palazzo pants continued but were featured in sheer chiffon to continue the evening feel.
The collection mixed stylish 90’s grunge basics with simple evening elegance with great effect. The lack of detail was refreshing however the show was a touch long.

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