Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Paris Fashion Week - Limi Feu

Limi Feu
The collection began artfully with a Parisian feel, monochrome separates, shift dresses and cute, chic collars on black tea dresses rolled down the catwalk accessorised with berets and velvet turbanettes. Waists were bunched and elasticated and this continued through the show in oversized gathered pockets and legs on baggy, low crotched trousers. Mixing femininity with androgyny models worn highwaisted feminine pencil skirts and pussy bow blouses with severe braces as well as low waisted tapered trousers. Neck lines varied from high structured turtle necks to lower V necks. A favourite piece was a satin jumpsuit with pearl chains hanging from around the neck and waist. There were many outstanding pieces in this collection but the theme seemed to get lost part way through – the feminine chic transformed into trench coats and baggy oversized jackets in the style of trousers with pockets halfway up the back and belt hoops on the shoulder. Underwear worked into the collection with bustiers, lace up skirts and jackets and corsets were worn over bunchy white fabric. Outerwear was varied but gorgeous - with large buttons, interesting structure and subtle texture. Cocoon and bubble coats as well as cape shapes were a favourite!
There were many beautiful and stylish pieces in this collection but it was a little inconsistent.

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