Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Paris Fashion Week - Devastee


The Devastee collection usually follows the same formula – creepy basic images such as crosses and smiley faces in black and white on wearable separates. This collection was the same with black and white, x-ray fruit prints starting the collection on soft shift dresses with ruffled full necks mix and matched with monster knits, scissor print casual tailoring and finished with black smiles painted on the faces of models. The brand focuses on mainly very wearable outfits such as tea dresses with printed leggings, knitted jumper dresses, oversized shirts and printed blazers as well as often showing a few pieces that are a little avant garde. Bunched, satin dresses created structure in an otherwise soft show as well as light tea dresses worn underneath translucent, structured tulle. Texture was created through laser cut-outs flapping lightly next to the skin hanging from the space it was cut from and subtle hints of brocade were seen in separates. The entire collection was incredibly wearable (bar a few dresses at the end) and Devastee are connoisseurs when it comes to commercial, cool prints.

Jemima Daisy

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