Saturday, 18 February 2012

London Fashion Week Day 2 - Press Room Rant

The press room at London Fashion Week gets smaller every year and the press are fighting for space with bloggers and student magazines (one girl I overheard works for a medical student magazine... maybe shes the first aider?). Last year we lost the spacious (ish) close to catwalk open plan space and were moved into a room that can only really be described as a broom cupboard. Plus sockets were in high demand but at least we had long benches and tables to work at. This year the press room is madness. Seperated into two areas there is the blog bar combined with the press area. Tiny tables with four chairs to each table.... no space inbetween and a coffee bar shoved in the corner as well as a phone charging point where phones are locked into boxes. A little useless if you are a blogger or live journalist as there are no power points anywhere else except in the ‘comfy room’. Brightly coloured plush chairs are scattered around the corners and press are sat in corners, on the floor and even in a little alcove by the door desperately trying to give their laptop juice. This is my 9th/10th season at fashion week and its fair to say that for the press... this is the worst.

On a lighter point one of the security guards this morning was hilarious. Its pissing it down yet this dude is wearing sunglasses and checking passes with military precsion – turning away buyers who haven’t been given a lounge this season at all. Maybe its time to think about a new location? Or perhaps ask the press – where do you want to be situated? Do you want a bar? Do you want more on offer than expresso and vitamin water? Would you like to be able to charge your phone/laptop/camera? I think all the answers will be yes.


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