Thursday, 23 February 2012

London Fashion Week - Ashish

As the show opened I had a horrible feeling the vitamin water on the seats had been spiked with acid as the hippy-chic collection ‘Bollywouldn’t’ glimmered its way onto the runway in all over sequined jackets and leggings under looser tie-dyed knitted jumpers, linen shorts and beautiful head scarves. Slogans were splashed across jumpers and dresses such as ‘Don’t Do Drugs’ ‘Dude, and ‘Om sweet om’. The music playing was a remixed yoga guide, swinging between ritualistic chanting, mantras and self help which added to the trippy feeling of the show. Patterned sequins were the most prominent theme and were juxtaposed with tie-dyed cable knit dresses, scarves and jumpers and loose linen shorts. The phsycadelic colours and violently bright colours were a refreshing attack on the senses and the whole collection seemed to be for the superficial hippy. The muse for this collection is the girl who spends hours backcombing her hair to look scraggly, spends hundreds on pre-distressed, hand crafted tunics and flying business class a 5* hotel in Thailand for a full moon party. The outfits were accessorised with bollywood style facial piercings, off centre top-knots and rainbow platform, lace up ankle boots.
The final outfit was a gold tube maxi dress over a silver racer back dress with a tie-dyed knitted jumper tied around the waist.
This was luxury in the best possible form – messy yet perfectly formed. Everyone left this show feeling elated and a little high.

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  1. I used a business class to London flight to attend fashion week in London. It was such an amazing experience and i had so much fun seeing all the fashion icons and designers.