Thursday, 23 February 2012

London Fashion Week - Aminaka Wilmont

Starting with mainly black the print looked like a writhing snake pit. Cropped jackets with fur cuffs and collars were worn over the mixed snake prints that started with black and white and evolved into golden brown similarly snake like prints. Dresses were draped and clung to the body complimented by the equally fitted jackets and leatherwear. Knit wear was featured in a shimmering charcoal that was presented in gorgeous high waisted boot leg trousers and also in waterfall belted cardigans. The collection moved into colour with almost phsycadelic smoke like prints that played across draped fabrics. Leather was thrown into the collection more and the feminine prints were juxtaposed with full arm leather gloves and thigh high boots as well as breast plate, opalescent plastic necklaces that added a harsh edge to the collection.

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