Monday, 20 February 2012

LFW - Show Round Up

Francesca Marotta
Religious themes and a touch of lacy blaspheme in this sombre, black and red based show. Lots of sheer, interesting silhouettes being built and funky hair. Really loved the black cape dress and chic outerwear adding an edge to this collection and pulling it away from being a gimmick.

Ashley Isham
 Opulent colours, elegant evening wear and a hint at warrior chic for this fabulous designer. Staying regal with emerald, gold, black and jewels. Lots of assymetric draping, complicated knots, amazing embellishment, belts and  some fabulous prints towards the end of the collection. Feminine yet fierce evening and party wear although some seemed a little too summery for AW12/13.

Chunky tweed, stunning, high qulaity outerwear in soft billowing shapes, androgynous farmland themes and stunning use of wool. Think of a luxurious lifestlye. A rambling estate in the home counties, a dog called Hector and a butler named Gerald. The lady of the house swans in and out of the farm in Daks coats - occasionally stepping into the stables to check on the hunting horses, only ever drinking champange and generally being fabulous. That was how this collection made me feel!

Bernard Chandran
Lace, oriental themes and geometric bib/collar neckpieces. Colours starting in black through to royal blue - soft, subtle embellishment, bold applique and luxurious jewels. Severe collars added androgynony and a military edge while this was softened by the delicate embellishment and lace.

Fam Ivroll
Cutesy monstor prints, young, fresh character themes with a warped disney edge and candy floss colours.Reminded me of a mix between Tokyo fashion and David and Golioth! Considering my Hello Kitty obsession this was right up my street however I understand fashion cynicism...

Krystof Stronyza
Sophisticted and dark with touches of sequin glamour. Feminine yet striking. Capes, splits, panelling and smart casual - mainly staying tight to the body to enhance the figure. B&W with flashes of silver, nude and jewel colours.

Pics from Fashion156

Spijkers en Spijkers
Satin, jewel colours and bird of paradise themes embellished with bold feathers. Striped knitwear mixed with prints and panelled geomentric satin. Interesting era mix starting with the 20's with colour themes more settled in the 60/70's.

Eudon Choi
Artic expedition, fur, muted light tones, warm, clean cut outerwear.  Skull caps to add a vintage edge as well as feminine pencil skirts, assymetric, clinical shapes all softened by the presence of fur.

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