Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Collection Winter Wonderland

After weeks of planning and preparation, a few tears and a lot of late nights in the office The Collection finally rolled around!
1 year exactly since The Collection - Winter Warmer at Amika London we opened up the doors of Aura Mayfair at 7:30pm and let in a throng of fashionistas, press, models, scouts and generally beautiful people.

Being the event manager on behalf of FashionCapital means that I had many sleepless nights, and woke up on Friday 27th January 2012 at 5:45am in a cold sweat and headed into the office.

There was so much still to do!

Well, once the CD's were burnt (ish), the overviews printed, the guestlist compiled, printed then recompiled and printed after 40 new names came in, paperwork sorted, the recent models briefed and a huge suitcase full of pre-mixed cocktails, goody bags and Redken shampoo, it was time to go.

Borrowing the strength of two extra people we dragged all of our wares up to Green Park and the maddness began.

Rehearsals were suprisingly smooth, female models arriving by 12:30 and by 3:30 fittings were complete, the running order had been sorted and the boys were all togged up in the gorgeous TCA Couture menswear.

The male models were mainly AMCK models and were all absolutely gorgeous, toting trendy hair and ridiculous cheek bones.

The females were a mix of models, with only two models previously having been involved in The Collection. Our casting for models pulled down a crowd of 70 so every single one of our models was perfect.

A rather surreal part of the day was taking two trees outside with two cans of fake snow and silver spray paint. Humming merry Christmas and pissing off the passers by as their shiny Mayfair shoes got covered in sticky fake snow! 

With fittings finished, make up underway and two run throughs complete the day was almost relaxed.... until we noticed the doors opened in 30minutes, the catwalk wasnt stuck to the floor and I had not a speck of make-up on my face.

Also realised that I shouldnt wear jeggings. What a view.

Speaking of make-up the team was compiled of Natalie Bennett, Monique Sawyer and Kelby Duggan who did a rather marvellous job of boosting and curling and crimping and sparkling up the girls!

Back into insane busy bitch mode until 8pm! (Apologies to anyone who got in my way at this point.)

The doors were open, the queue was huge, the stage was set and the networking began. I hid backstage and tried desperately to make my tired eyes look less... slit like while realising that my dress choice wasn't the wisest choice I've ever made (confirmed by the look of horror on my boyfriends face when he arrived... bless).

The show, held at Aura Mayfair began with cocktails provided premixed by V'n'C Cocktails, canap├ęs provided by Aura and cupcakes provided by Pakes Cupcakes accompanied by an hour of networking before the show began.
Anyway.... I'm waffling.

Following the winter theme the catwalk was metallic silver and featured white snow dusted trees beside the runway and the show opened with a classic winter remix and the designs of Cristina Adami. Floating down the runway in chiffon and nude tones delicately embellished with vintage lace and a subtle touch of sparkle.

Next saw the show take a darker tone for TCA Mens Couture. With a heavy marching beat the Militopia collection showed itself to be a versatile collection - worn with nude stilettos and military boots.  Intricate details stood out beautifully against the macho tailoring.

Belles of London were third on the runway showing a gorgeous colour palette of mainly white, turquoise and purple. Feminine twists on the classic silhouettes looked flattering on the runway.

Bad London was the next collection to show with a new eveningwear collection of dresses. Mainly maxi dresses with sparkling spaghetti straps and low plunging backs, sheer dresses emblazoned with the positive messages that the label promotes. Shorter sparkling evening dresses were perfect for party girls!

The final collection Lauren's Collection by Lauren Goodger showed a range of ready to wear evening dresses suiting all sizes and shapes with sleek silhouettes and subtle detailing.
After a huge round of applause the after-party continued well into the morning with drinks flowing and cameras flashing! A huge guest list of press and other industry figures were present and this made for a great night of networking and fun!


The party started with a bang (or so I heard) and after everything was cleared away backstage it was time to have a good time and do lots of interviews and posing for the camera. 
Anyway, I heard that chaos ensued and I left the evening feeling almost dignified.

Thank you Aura, thank you all involved!

Cristina Adami, TCA mens couture, Belles of London, Bad London and Lauren’s Collection – designed by TOWIE star Lauren Goodger.
I would like to thank: Redken for gorgeous goodies, VnC cocktails, London Model Academy, Pakes Cupcakes (which we hope you enjoyed!), AMCK models and the hair and make up team for all of their hard work: Natalie Bennett, Monique Sawyer and Kelby Duggan. Finally I would like to thank the designers for being involved and Aura for hosting our fabulous event!

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