Tuesday, 1 November 2011

28th October 2011 – Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland - Studio MMC

The MMC show was celebrating its 15th Anniversary and as of this decided that its runway show was going to be a bit of a party! A woman came out of the backstage first carrying a huge bouquet of white balloons and continued to skip down the runway distributing them around the room. From above the catwalk white confetti began to stream and it was all I could do to stop myself running straight onto the catwalk and playing in the ‘snow’!
The collection its self began in white and stone with washed out prints on sheer, light chiffon fabrics. Mixing hem lengths was again popular with one sided maxi dresses and short to long skirts. A few pieces featured a very sleek, straight silhouette and dropped waist lines and thin belts sitting below the hips as well as oversized boyfriend jackets, large lapels, and loose fitting casual tailoring. This was all styled quite sexily with lots of flesh being flashed and more than enough nipples. Drawstrings have been featured on the runway a lot recently and this collection also toted a few of them, the over long strings featuring metal, shining end details.
The casual tailoring turned more and more into sport luxe themes with elasticated waists, dropped crotch trousers, padded coats, and very square dresses. The collection finished with sparkling evening wear with black and silver sequins in a smoke pattern as well as a GORGEOUS nude and white, oversized maxi dress, leather shorts and finally a side split all over sequinned maxi skirt worn with a cropped, wide collared, ruffled jacket. The last outfit was worn by a celebrity whose name escapes me and she returned again to the catwalk with the designers who became very emotional at the whooping and clapping from the audience who all fell in love with the show put on, perhaps more than the collection!
We then proceeded to cover each other in the confetti and act like children in the snow. Wonderful!!

Jemima Daisy

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  1. I had the same feeling about the show. It was more the show itself that got my attention, then the collection.

    X, Ancia