Sunday, 2 October 2011

Paris Fashion Week SS12 - Zoraide Shoes, Paula Cademartori Handbags and Lucia Odescachi Jewellery Champagne Breakfast

Zoraide Shoes, Paula Cademartori Handbags and Lucia Odescachi Jewellery Champagne Breakfast

How ever the champagne wasn't open and I'm 2 days into sober October so its probably for the best...

Based in a suite in the Hotel Lotti near Jardin Tuilerries this collaboration of a Brazilian bag designer, roman jeweller and a shoe designer from Milan was close and intimate.
The bag collection we saw first and the new spring summer collection takes obvious inspiration from the 1960’s – the protagonist outlined in her press release ‘a rising star in Hollywood’.
The bag collection centres on colour blocking using various tones on a theme such as coral, acidic orange, violet, pink neon and turquoise. The bags vary between strong metal frames and slim clutches. A few featured flashes of charcoal, metallic snakeskin detail and another collection featured various colours covered in mini silver studs.
The Italian bags are made using beautiful sourced materials such as suede, calfskin, crocodile, python, satin crystals, glazed nickel and all feature signature engraved buckles. The last section of the bag collection is a disco style collaboration with Zoraide shoe design.

The Zoraide ‘Disco Divas’ collection is based around various famous females such as Debbie Harry, Jerry Hall, Liza Minnelli, Edie Sedgwick and Diana Ross as well as the 70’s disco scene. Its full of bright colours and a mixture of modern and classic shapes. The style ‘Donna’ is an absolute favourite with a huge chunky heel, lace up and sandal straps in 3 colours of ‘eco lizard’ made with leather rather than endangered lizard species. Other styles such as ‘Liza’ feature heels coated in slices of pressed leather creating amazing and unique patterns. The more classic peep toe courts are also there with interesting upper shapes and splashes of diamante.

 The final designer in the showroom was Lucia Odescalchi, designing stunning jewellery using precious metals, pearls and mixed with a modern twist of steel.  Some of the pieces featured incredibly light steel straps attached to classic strings of pearls, dripping black chainmail and with flashes of diamonds. Using electro technology Lucia coats agate (the crystallised inside of rocks) with platinum, silver and gold to create modern, yet incredibly natural looking formations of stone.

Jemima Daisy x
Pics by Sannita Hancock

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