Sunday, 9 October 2011

Moda Lisboa – 9th October – Nuno Goma

This show is renowned for its insanely attractive models and divine tailoring and it did not disappoint.

Starting with very traditional, dapper tailoring with wide full cravat style neckties, fastened with sparkling pins, worn with shirts, waistcoats and full suits. The first suit grey with black details and lapels and then red moving through to a grey and purple plaid.  The collection turns more casual with geometric black and white print suits and then shorts, sleeveless shirts and cropped suit jackets. The colours swing between pastels and brighter, yet washed out shades and t-shirts featuring damask style vintage prints featuring the brands cross logo. Knitted polo shirts with low slung necks also feature in a variety of vibrant colours, two tone shirts and all accessorised with two tone gorgeous shoes, plaid trainers, and long, tied leather belts. Lilac was a shade used often as well as an off white-green shade.

After all this beautiful tailoring the show took a turn... for swimwear. The shorts were tiny briefs in a variety of the colours featured throughout the show and geometric patterns, mainly triangle shapes, running short side details as well as contrasted waistbands.
But in all honesty? No one was looking at the swimwear...


I'm pretty sure these men aren't real.

Jemima Daisy

Reporting from MODA LISBOA – TRANSFUSION for the UK
October 2011 – Showing SS12

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