Saturday, 8 October 2011

Moda Lisboa – 8th October – Filipe Fiasca

The Filipe Fiasca collection was full of chic looking shapes and gorgeous organic colours featured in dip dye style and splattered prints.  Structuring began subtly with excess fabric flowing into shapes rather than being deliberately chunky. In collaboration with Triumph underwear there wear some gorgeous pieces of underwear, vintage style with high waists and cone shapes bras, embellished with sparkling black studs.

The dip dyed style fabric seemed almost accidental and was really beautifully created, fitting so well with the shapes displayed. The sophisticated shapes were mainly very wearable and would suit an office and the blazers were divine. Hemlines varied, featuring maxi dresses, mini dresses with high round necklines and many dropping just above the knee. Although there were a few pieces that didn’t seem to fit this collection was overall really beautiful and enjoyable show!

The finale piece was a dip dyed grey and white maxi which the model unzipped and stepped out of at the end, displaying the high waisted underwear, covered again in the black shimmering large studs. When the designer came out to great applause he ran down the runway hand in hand with the last model who he then picked up span around and sprinted back – beautiful to see a  girl running in her stilettos with a gorgeous satin creation flying behind her!

Jemima Daisy

Reporting from MODA LISBOA – TRANSFUSION for the UK
October 2011 – Showing SS12

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