Saturday, 8 October 2011

Moda Lisboa – 8th October – Dawid Tomaszewski

The collection began with two beautiful taupe dresses, with short aline skirts and stunning crystal trim embellishment, belted at the waist and totally to die for. From here the collection just became more and more gorgeous. Magenta crept into the collection in the form of a gorgeous feminine maxi dress and also a shorter evening dress with stone damask like overlay framing the body perfectly as well as a pair of magenta cigarette pants worn with a white sheer shirt, the shoulders embellished with silver stunning concentric crystals.  
Gorgeous maxi dresses flowed with sheer tops covered in the stunning crystal embellishment; a favourite crystallised item is a pair of leggings, covered in silver crystals, last night I saw the same in gold being worn by Dawids design assistant at the fashion TV party.
Another favourite was a stone coloured feather mini dress, completely covered in fluffy fine feathers and belted at the waist. Every girl in the room couldn’t help but fall in love with this princess like collection.
A little bit of green featured in the mottled green print as well as in crystal. One suit was backless except for crystallised green cage straps. Many of the dresses were also backless which is a trend emerging this season.
There were three main shapes in this collection, gorgeously made tailored suits in a mottelled green print, the girly short skirted, a line dresses scattered in crystals and a faded black flower print and finally stunning Grecian maxi dresses, strapless, gathered beautifully at the top and billowing out behind.
The collection was accessorised with oversized leather bags, beautiful matching shoes with tassels and sparkles and the hair was worn in a messy plait wrapped around the head Heidi style.
Such a gorgeous collection!!

Much Love
Jemima Daisy x

Reporting from MODA LISBOA – TRANSFUSION for the UK
October 2011 – Showing SS12

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