Friday, 7 October 2011

Moda Lisboa – 7th October – Ana Salazar

For this show there was a gift on the front row, only the bitches on row three and behind took most of them and had the audacity to sit throughout the show wearing them. In fairness i would never have worn them, but its the principle!
The show began with all white structuring and tribal style bone ornaments. The styling is pretty intense, mess, backcombed top knots, pulled forward over the side of the face. Lipstick is black and the faces are... the only word to describe it is ‘blacked up’ with dark brown bronzer – the jewellery twisted bubbles of copper. The models had obviously to walk robotically with straight, ridgid arms and hands, how ever some balled fists, some had the arms but swaying American catwalks and the effect was lost.
Structured tailoring in white, black and beige continue and slashed material overlays appear with many sheer items and nipples galore. Pink lace is added to the conceptual look in an odd twist and half way through the show the collection becomes more ready to wear with jersey draping, maxi dresses, flowing material wings yet more sheer fabrics.
The collection was consistent, interesting and was a variation on a theme of colours, receiving a standing ovation from the non press guests.


Jemima Daisy

Reporting from MODA LISBOA – TRANSFUSION for the UK
October 2011 – Showing SS12

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