Thursday, 6 October 2011

Moda Lisboa – 6th October – Os Burgueses

The collection titled Opera for A New World is based around heritage and an ode to the designers grandparents.

Starting with all white the garments are loose fitting pinafore style dresses, pleated beautifully and a twist on casual tailoring, the suit jackets feature pleats on the hips and back to tie in with the dresses.  Colours that appear are very soft with a pale lavender pink and grey leather. Leather trousers are gathered along the seams for a relaxed look and paired with draped and pleated, sleeveless tops.

Underwear/outerwear makes an appearance as a sheer top with jersey cups appears with wide legged pleated trousers – this is a gorgeous look and somehow combines sophistication with a childlike quality. The menswear is equally playful with cut vest jackets, cropped waist coats, shorts and short sleeved t-shirts in white, grey, lavender and in a purple and white tartan that filters into the end of the show.

Styled with white shoes, paled faces and au natural make up the entire collection is playful and pretty.
The finale outfit is a varied length maxi cotton dress with a wide billowing back, belted at the waist. 

I realise these photos are absolutely hideous - I am getting to grips with this new camera!

Much Love
Jemima Daisy

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